For many years, we have provided high quality national and international education to students in the Sri Lankan region. Numerous generations of Skill Development and Training International Institute (SDTI) graduates and diploma holders have attended some of the leading companies all around the island and also many students attending some leading universities all around the world. Our teams of professional educators are dedicated to helping each student attain his or her maximum potential, both academically and socially. Fostering and celebrating our student’s talents and achievements are at the core of all we do every day.

As an established and highly esteemed institution, we maintain an utmost academic standard, incorporated with the conduct of discipline, thereby achieving remarkable and excellent percentage of results. We firmly believe that education is the key to a nation’s progress with this; we will take it as our bounded duty to provide the best academic training a student can possibly get. The institution endeavors to comfort the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become truly successful in the chosen field. In whatever career a student may choose to take, hard work and discipline are the sure roads towards success. And as your educational institution, we will support students in achieving those golden ambitions and also ensure that their stay in the college is meaningful and fruitful as well. Students, you are about to cross a bridge in your life because college education is a turning point itself.

It is in your hands to make sure that bridge leads you towards success. The hard work of today is the triumph of the future. The time and effort you spend today are the deciding factors of your later years. As the chairman of this institution, I anticipate the full participation and cooperation of the students and parents to make it possible for us to transform those dreams to reality. And if there is any assistance that you might need, may it be personal or professional, I shall always be willing to hear from you.

Dr. Shan Bandara
The Chairman/ Managing Director
Ph.D, LLB. (UK) LLM. (UK)
HND, PGD, Dip. in Co. & Psy. HDCGD,
CACC, TOT, Sp. Trained Eng. UK, DET.


Creating a World Winning individual.


In assuring the high quality of training and practices it is intended to establish a better and skilled youth who owns the needs required by a respectable Profession.

Who We Are

In answering a nationally logged problem and in order to bring a human centered development, Skill Development Fund Limited (SDFL) in Ministry of Skill Development, Employment and Labour Relations and we as Skill Development Training International Institute(SDTI Campus) conduct and facilitate you with UGC recognized degrees while having a more recognized and accepted diploma.

The SDTI Campus is a nationally recognized professional academic institution of Sri Lanka which directly supports the youths of Sri Lanka and the Asian region youths with a skill under many marketable fields. Our national and international recognition is easily proved by the awards won during the last two decades. In sequence 2011, 2014 and 2018 we were awarded national and international medals including Prime Minister Award in 2011, South Asian Awards in 2021 and ISO 9001 : 2015 certified in 2022

The degree adds values to your profession and to move up in your career ladder further it is a classical recognition for your social life.

Why Choose SDTI

Your Diploma programs are regularly monitored by the government body/ SDFL.
You become a graduate with degrees recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka.
You can own degree at an affordable and a very competitive price where no one can beat us.
You can be a graduate with less time consumption.
Your degree is internationally recognized.
A value addition to your academic qualification.
If you are already a teacher, you will be eligible for promotions and increments after graduation.
You will gain a social status and a recognition more than a degree qualification and become a respect earner.
Only weekend lectures make you least disturbance to your profession.
We are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified and carrying out the quality management process.
Your academic life never ends here with a degree itself, foundation is already laid to be a Ph.D. holder too.